See Through Two Way Mirrored Window Mounted Bird House Nesting Window Bird Box
See Through Two Way Mirrored Window Mounted Bird House Nesting Window Bird Box

Beautiful Window Bird Box

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– Hi, it’s Parris from Epic Review Guys here with a quick update on the My Spy Birdhouse. Turns out we saw the moving van pull up two days ago and it looks like we’ve got neighbors. ♫ Epic Review Guys ♫ We’ve actually about given up hope of anybody moving in to our My Spy Birdhouse which you can see here on the window.

It’s been up for over a month and birds have landed on it when they’ve gone to the bird feeder but nobody’s been interested in moving in and all of a sudden, two days ago, we noticed birds flying in and out of it so we took a peek behind the little cardboard privacy screen you can put up and sure enough there’s a bunch of twigs and mud in there. Looks like a pair of house finches are planning to move into this place. They haven’t stayed here overnight but they’ve spent two days coming and going, coming and going to build this little nest. And it’s a pretty good location ’cause we’ve got a Denny’s right out here and I think the condo that they might have come from. And the condo over in the neighbor’s backyard, I think they’re raising the rents on the home owner association fee so it turns out, our little pad doesn’t look so bad now after all. When we originally installed this My Spy Birdhouse, we put a mylar sheet on the inside but somehow we seem to have gotten it backwards and it looked like all you could see was a reflection of yourself. The idea is it’s supposed to not let the birds see in the window so they don’t get startled, but there’s also a little cardboard shade here. This Do Not Disturb piece that fits on this little suction cup in here, but we’ve decided if they’re gonna stay, they’re just gonna have to deal with us so once we saw they started building a nest, we took down the mylar sheet and now we’ve taken this cardboard piece off and so if they’re comfortable living this close to us then they’re welcome to move in. The restaurant gets pretty good reviews and it’s just a short flight from the accommodations. One little downside is these over sized rats have been known to frequent the area. If the birds do decide to stay, we’ll certainly do another update and especially if they lay some eggs and we have some baby birds in here. For now, here’s some blog from earlier of the birds coming in and building the nest. The My Spy Birdhouse goes for about 15 dollars. We bought ours at our local Walmart in the As Seen on TV section, but if you can’t find it locally, we’ll put a link to it down below this blog. So if the house finches do stay around long enough to start a family, when those eggs start to hatch, we’ll have a contest and invite you to give names to the new baby birds. ♫ Shopping is easy when you know what to buy ♫ At Epic Review Guys, we give stuff a try ♫ What does the fox buy, nobody knows ♫ But before he goes shopping ♫ He reades our blogs ♫.

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