2 5 Engineer Hammer 15 Straight Wooden Handle Council Small Yard Cart
2 5 Engineer Hammer 15 Straight Wooden Handle Council Small Yard Cart

Cute Small Yard Cart

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Hello friends! In today’s episode, we will look at a Garden Cart Its something that will make your gardening a lot more enjoyable As its very easy to carry your stuff around the garden using the Garden Cart We will also compare it to a Wheelbarrow And then you can decide what is best for you! So the Garden Cart we will be taking a look at today is a Garden Dump Cart by Gorilla Carts And its actually very decently priced See the website description for more details So lets start unboxing this Garden Cart And it wasn’t really that heavy as I thought Its actually pretty light and easy to carry And this has a plastic base Its the lower end version of the Garden Cart There is a higher end version that comes with a much more sturdy base But I guess for most practical purposes, the plastic cart should be good enough Its got some nice wheels – 4 of them Its got clear instructions on the assembly And all the parts are pretty well packaged Compared to a wheelbarrow, A Garden Cart has 4 wheels which makes it easy to maneuver the cart And it also has a Dump feature which makes emptying very easy So we have all the parts laid out And the cart is now ready for assembly Now assembling the cart was moderately difficult And most of the difficulty was because there were a lot of bolts that needed to be tightened And although I tightened most of these by hand, I realized that if you had a power drill, it would have been a lot easier to complete the assembly So you could use a power drill to tighten the bolts while holding the hex nut from the other side and that makes the assembly a lot faster But as I said, it should take you probably about an hour or so to assemble everything if you have a power tool If you are doing it by hand, it might take you a bit longer because its a little exhausting to tighten all those nuts I think there are about 15 or 20 of them So we have almost assembled out dump cart We now need to assemble the wheels And the wheels feel a little flimsy but I think they did a good job when I eventually tested them with some weight Now one important step that I wanted to show you here was “How to use a Cotter Pin” A “Cotter Pin” is something that will keep the wheels in place And this is a general instruction on how to use a cotter pin So you basically take pliers and bend them over on both sides And that should do the job of setting up the Cotter Pin on your wheel And if you notice, the Cotter Pin is what keeps the wheels in place So here we are – that’s our assembled cart – our Garden Cart Now a Garden Cart is a modern version of the wheelbarrow Its much more easy to maneuver and the best part as you can see here is its maneuverability So here you can see that I have added a lot of weight to this garden cart And it was actually easy to move it with all this weight I am guessing this would be about 75 lbs or so And look at the profile – you can easily navigate this cart between raised beds Now I know I haven’t shown you my raised bed yet – that’s going to be one of my future websites But if you look at how easy it is to maneuver this cart along raised beds So if you do have raised beds and have about 2 feet or so between them, a garden cart will work much better than a wheelbarrow So this is the “Dump” feature of the cart And this is something that you cannot do with a wheelbarrow So you just lift the lock off like that And then the wheels come together And you can dump whatever is in your cart If you’re mixing things like soil and fertilizer Or anything in your garden cart, the dump feature lets you easily dump it without breaking your back So here we have it – this is our garden cart And it has a lot of advantages Like it lets you move a lot of soil and other things without breaking your back It will also let you carry things around your garden like fertilizer, plants, pots, things that are heavy Become very easy when you use a Garden Cart So how about a wheelbarrow? Now a wheelbarrow is a good option, especially if you are used to maneuvering it But when I used a wheelbarrow, I just found it was a little inconvenient, compared to a garden cart Now I’ve used wheelbarrows for a while, but a garden cart is just a little more comfortable to use Another disadvantage of a wheelbarrow is that its a little wide So if you have raised beds and narrow paths in your garden, a wheelbarrow is going to be much more difficult to maneuver compared to a garden cart So there we have it – that’s what a Garden Cart is And that’s what a wheelbarrow is Now which one suits you better is up to you to decide Those of you who have been using a wheelbarrow for a while might just like to use it or get a replacement wheelbarrow But for those of you looking to buy a new one You now know what the difference are and you can make a much more informed decision So I hope you liked this website And I’ll see you again soon In another episode of California Gardening Until then. . .

Happy Gardening!.

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