Metal Raised Elevated Garden Bed Planter Box Vegetable Plant Flower Metal Raised Bed Planters
Metal Raised Elevated Garden Bed Planter Box Vegetable Plant Flower Metal Raised Bed Planters

Amazing Metal Raised Bed Planters Ideas

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Cassie: Hi guys. It’s Cassie here from wholefully. com, and we are outside today on this beautiful sunny day working on our brand new raised garden beds.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about these beds, and so I thought I’d do a little blog to show you all about them. Now we’ve been gardening in this space for about six seasons now, and we’ve never had a lot of success mostly because we have a really bad weed infestation. That’s really hard to deal with when you’re trying to grow organically, so this year we decided to fix that problem by putting down weed fabric and then building brand new raised beds and filling them with brand new soil, weed-free soil, that we bought from a local company here. My husband and I have been growing in raised beds for about 10 years now, and we have a lot of success growing in raised beds. You can control– just about everything about the growing environment. You can control the soil, you can control the fertilizer, you can control the weeds, and you can keep the pests out. So this year, we knew we really wanted to invest in some lifelong raised beds that would make us happy for the rest of our time here, and that would really stand up to the elements, make sure our garden is really productive and look really beautiful. That was something that was really important to us, not just that our garden is productive, but also beautiful. So we did a lot of different research about the different kinds of material you can use to build raised beds, and we ended up deciding on going with galvanized steel corrugated roofing panels, and we used these first on our chicken coop. We really loved working with them. We loved how affordable they were. We loved how readily available they were. They weren’t something that we had to special order, and we loved how durable they are. Once we decided we wanted to use these steel panels, we had to figure out a way to fashion them into a bed because the steel panels are thin enough that they would just bow on their own when they’re filled with soil. We use cedar supports in here, and we have a cedar topper which you can sit on very comfortably. Yes, the question you’re probably asking is, “Do your raised beds need to be this high and this deep?” No. They absolutely don’t. You don’t have to make them this deep, but it’s a really big advantage if you have any back problems or knee problems. You can sit on the side, it’s easy to bend over. I think, since these are our lifetime beds, we’re really gonna be very happy that we made this decision – to make them taller – in fifteen or twenty years. The big depth is also a really big benefit to the plants. They want as much space for their roots to spread out as possible, especially plants with long tap roots, like carrots, and so this will give them plenty of space without us having to worry about weeds coming up through because of the landscape fabric. Or we have problems with moles here without us having to worry about moles burrowing up through our beds too. Like I said, the main part of these beds are corrugated galvanized steel roofing panels, but we also have four-by-four cedar posts in each of the corners and through the middle for support, those are naturally rot resistant and they aren’t treated with any sort of chemicals, so we like that. We have some two-by-six boards on top which helps protect you from getting scratched or scraped on the metal, but also it’s great to sit on and put your tools on. On the corner, we actually found this galvanized roof flashing that works perfectly as a corner to help protect you from any sort of scrapes or scratches. Other than just be extra sure that the panels won’t bow and then we’ll have lots of support in there, we actually put galvanized conduit, hammered in to the ground that helps the edges stay exactly where they need to be. So for this growing season, we’re only going to do six of these eight-foot-by-four beds. Our goal in the future is to have twelve of these, total. We’re gonna fill the whole garden all the way back with these beautiful beds. These aren’t the cheapest things in the world to build. They cost us about one hundred fifty dollars a piece with materials, but they are gonna be our lifetime beds. We’re hoping they’ll last us twenty to thirty years. We think that’s totally worth it. That being said, it just wasn’t in the budget to do all the beds this year, so we’re gonna do half this year, and hopefully, half next year. I went ahead and put up a full tutorial with your materials list, your cut list, and step-by-step instructions with tons of pictures on wholefully, so you can go to wholefully. com/raised-beds and get that. It’s totally free.

Use it, love it, grow stuff. That makes me happy. As always, if you have any questions about these raised beds or anything else, feel free to leave a comment below, send me an email, or connect with me on social media, and I would be happy to answer them. Thank you. Bye. [End].

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