The Definitive Guide To Window Box Design The Impatient Gardener Long Window Boxes
The Definitive Guide To Window Box Design The Impatient Gardener Long Window Boxes

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Well I have been away for a little while and that is because my wife and I decided it was time to sell the old house and buy the new one. As you can see I have a slightly different set up behind me. Now, this house was a forclosure so it required a little bit more work to make it habital really.

One of the first thing that my wife and I decided that we wanted to do here was to get the garden beds up and running. Now that was a difficult task because the backyard was really a jungle. So I had to bring in a company and they just laid waste to everything back there. That was a good thing because now its sort of a clean slate. There is no grass because of the canopy that was back their. But it was a bad thing because, well I had to dig up all the roots from all the tree that we had to take out. But after that was done, I laid down a couple of garden beds and I thought well while I am at it why don’t I just make a garden planter as well for the kids. I kept the design on this simple and easy to assemble. Anybody can do it. For a complete list of cuts and materials used, go to my website, simply easy diy dot com. The first thing I did, set up a stop block on the miter saw. I am making mine out of cedar but, you are the boss of your shop. Make out of anything you want. Cut all the side and bottom slates. There are a lot of these for which I will not bore you wit;h. . . so. . . on we go. I am going to lay my sides out. Take a measurement for the bottom rails. Back to the miter saw. Always, always, always check that first cut. Now these pieces that I just cut these are going to be the top and bottom rails. I am going to rip them in half on the table saw. Alright so lets assemble the sides. Lay the rails down on the work surface. Then the side pieces. Mark an inch and a half in from the sides. Line up my side pieces flush with the top rail, and attach. Mark three quarters of an inch from the bottom of the bottom rail and again. . . attach. Just FYI I happen to be using one and a quarter inch screws for this. The long sides require only the three quarter of an inch measurement from the bottom rail.

Otherwise just attach flush with the top. Now the fun part, time for assembly. Place the lsides top side down. and then attach with two inch screws. Since the bottom of the planter is already facing up, all I have to do is place the bottom slates in place. After drilling a few drainage holes, its time to play in the dirt. Laughter SImply easy DIY dot com for more information along with alternative design ideas. Until then. .

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