Amazon Com Terracotta Plant Waterer Perfect For Vacation Plant How To Water Outside Plants While On Vacation
Amazon Com Terracotta Plant Waterer Perfect For Vacation Plant How To Water Outside Plants While On Vacation

This Amazing How To Water Outside Plants While On Vacation

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Hey, I’m Shawna Coronado. Every time I go on vacation I kill all my plants. No kidding.

My container plants, dead. I want to solve that problem And the only way to do it, Is to hire a babysitter. I have got a better solution. I am going to save some money And try this new product called Vacation. You are suppose to pour it on your plants And when you pour it on the plant What happens is that it suspends the plant For two weeks, three weeks. You can go on vacation And when you come back, It looks just like it did before. No wasted money. No dead plants. So why don’t you give it a try with me? And see if it works. So here’s how we do it. First thing. Read the directions. It says one capful, per one cup, per herbaceous plants. That would be my annuals here. So let’s give it a try. We will pour a little bit in here. I have already got most of it mixed together. And then I want to give it a stir Because it is sticky. And I think the reason for that is The stickiness really sticks to the soil When you pour it in there And helps the product last. Now something really important to know about this product Is that it is all natural. That means that it’s perfect around children or animals It’s not a problem to use. In fact, it is made from a product that’s a plant derivative. So it’s going to be really good for your plants. It’s not going to hurt them. Alright, make sure we have it watered all up. I think that’s it. These plants have been watered with Vacation. I am going to set them down right here in the sun Next to the control group. The control group has NOT been watered with Vacation. Alright, I think we are all ready to go Let’s head out. We will put some of the plants in indirect light. Three of them. Then, I have a surprise for you. We are going to put some of the plants in a closet. No kidding! We are going to try this out and we are going to see what happens. I can’t believe it, I’m really doing it. I’m putting my plants in the closet. Now they are going to stay in here the entire time I’m gone.

That’s almost 3 weeks. There we go. Alright. Now remember, Don’t water those plants. And it’s time to go on vacation. Here we go! I am back from vacation And you are not going to believe the results. These plants have NOT been treated And they are looking pretty dead. And these plants have been treated And look! It’s amazing! Wow! Vacation really works. We have not watered any of these plants And the results are fantastic. And now let us check it out. The indirect light results. And as you can see, Downright beautiful. No water during my entire vacation And I came home to them looking gorgeous. And now we are going to go check out what is in the closet. That’s right. Remember the plants we put in the closet? Total dark. Let’s see what happens. Are you ready? Let’s take a look At the all dark! All Vacation results. Holy cow! In the closet, The entire vacation And look at how beautiful. No water at all. Let me tell you. Vacation works. You can see it right here. So, I tried Vacation. It was a great test. I love it. And now you are going to have to try it too. And check it out. Next time you go on vacation, Add Vacation to your plants. .

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