Easyflex 30 Ft Tall Wall No Dig Landscape Edging 751315700757 Ebay Easy Flex Edging
Easyflex 30 Ft Tall Wall No Dig Landscape Edging 751315700757 Ebay Easy Flex Edging

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This looks great but before you can have this. I’m going to show you some above ground flexible steel edging now and how it goes together. Our 240 millimetre edge is purchased in a set effectively where you get the length and the pieces you’ll need for connecting to the next.

So you see there, those are the joiner bits. Which are snapped off to create little single pieces. And here I am joining two edges together. The joint bracket goes in first. And that locks in and supports the edge while you put the rest together. you slot one piece across and then down into that slot goes the final hook in. Let’s do another one there, so you can see how that works. Pretty simple, I’ll think you’ll agree. So no screws are used and that makes that a bit unique. Now it’s also very easy to shape thanks to our notching in the lip. So you’ll see the curves here, very easily done. For an open ended shape you do need to stake the edge to maintain the strength vertically. The feet are pinned already. You can see the tops of the nails there. But we need to finish the job by knocking down a strong stake like so below the lip. And that’s quite forgiving but just about that height. Now the piece I slotted in behind the lip becomes the height setting piece effectively. I’m now screwing that onto the stake firmly. So I’ll use two of these stakes for a length. They come in the set. And it gives me a lot of confidence in the edge holding up. Having support from the feet and at the top. There we go. So that’s how that works. That’s how it looks. Now, it’s also quite popular to use our 240 for making circles. Here three lengths are being used. Pulled it together and I’ll just pop some temporary stakes in there to make my working easier as I then proceed to connect it. As with what I showed you earlier. Now for the circle you may have already drawn a circle on the ground. This one’s a 1. 9 metre diameter. If that’s the case, hopefully you’ve built it right on the spot. Here I’m just making some gentle adjustments to make it look half right. And now I’ll actually check the measurement at 1. 90m, and pin it accordingly. It’s a very easy way to form up a circle. There’s no need for any pre-rolling, as you see we just simple make it on site.

That’s the beauty of having a flat packed flexible steel edge. And you see the seam there on the front that you’re looking at, no visible screws makes it really attractive, just a clean discreet line. Here I’m just finishing up the job, nailing it in place. It’s all done. So there you go. I hope that was helpful and maybe it’s given you some ideas. If you Have any questions, send them through. And in the meantime, thank you for reading our blog. .

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