Types Of Tropical Plants Plants For A Tropical Garden Hgtv Bushes That Attract Bees And Butterflies
Types Of Tropical Plants Plants For A Tropical Garden Hgtv Bushes That Attract Bees And Butterflies

Great Bushes That Attract Bees And Butterflies Info

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Butterflies are one of nature’s jewels for the garden and one way to ensure that butterflies will be visiting your garden is to plant butterfly friendly flowers. Three of them are right here and one of them, of course, is going to be common garden zinnia. A zinnia such as this right here, especially the large flowered zinnias.

Butterflies are attracted to these things, feeding off the nectar that they provide and one thing neat about zinnias is the fact that this large face zinnia acts almost like a butterfly landing pad. So they come, feed, do their thing, fly-around, and so if you want butterflies, plants zinnias. It’s very easy from seed or transplants from your local garden center. Two others that may not be quite as well known are equally as good, if not better than zinnias. One of his Verbena bonariensis or Brazilian Verbena. This plant gets to be about three to four feet tall and as you can see the flowers almost look like shy flowers. They appear on these very, very long stalks. Most of the foliage is down toward the base which makes it a nice plant to use in the garden because it’s called a see-through plant. You can put it someplace and still see through it what’s behind it and not affect the view, but butterflies are drawn to this without a doubt. They’ll be covered over the top over here feeding again, And Verbena bonariensis likes the full sunspot. And one other nice thing about it is the fact that it does recede heavy, almost to the point of being a problem the second year, but you can kind of thin them out and grow the ones that you want to save for next years garden. So again, Verbena bonariensis: excellent butterfly plant. The third one here is a form of milkweed. This is called Asclepias curassavica. Here is silky red and silky gold is right over there. Again, a butterfly magnet. The fact that butterflies will come to these plants and feed. It is also an annual from seed, very easy to grow, full sun, gets to be about two to three feet tall, has these multi-colored blooms, almost look like Lantana. After the blooms these will form long seed pods, almost like Okra seed pods thats inside a typical milkweed seeds with the white parachute the brown seeds, but is not really invasive to the garden. So again, three plants, butterfly garden plants: Asclepias, Verbena bonariensis, and garden zinnias. .

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